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Who Goes to See a Licensed Insolvency Trustee? Part 3

Everywhere you look there are reports on the record level of debt that Canadians are carrying.  Surprisingly, the number of insolvency filings has actually decreased substantially from ten years ago.  With low interest rates and low unemployment, some debtors are managing to continue to make their monthly payments and pay down their debt.  Many are not able to find a solution on their own, which [...]

August 27th, 2018|

Who Goes to See a Licensed Insolvency Trustee? Part 2

To prove that you are not alone in dealing with too much debt and to give you some comfort about how easy it can be to call me for help, here is story #2 of a debtor named ‘Joe’. Joe is 30 years old and has accumulated a significant amount of debt due to addictions, unemployment and deteriorating health.  He is getting his life turned [...]

August 7th, 2018|

Who Goes to See a Licensed Insolvency Trustee? Part 1

It is almost a certainty that everyone you know has debt, whether it is in the form of a mortgage, car loan, credit card, old cell phone bill or personal loans from a family member.  I’m confident that every one of those people would like to repay their debt – nobody borrows money with the intention of just filing bankruptcy to get rid of it.  [...]

July 23rd, 2018|

Her Majesty the Queen and Callidus Capital Corporation

The case of Her Majesty the Queen and Callidus Capital Corporation can be viewed here. We have also highlighted some of the more relevant factors considered in the case. Essentially the case outlines the Court’s perspective on whether the bankruptcy of a tax debtor and subsection 222(1.1) of the Excise Tax Act R.S.C. 1986 c.E15, as amended (the “ETA”) renders the deemed trust under S.222 [...]

October 16th, 2017|

Bankruptcy – second time around

You’ve been bankrupt once due to life circumstances – a job loss, a divorce, lack of knowledge about managing debt, or other issues. Once discharged from bankruptcy, you started to claim your life back, re-built your credit rating and acquired debt. Life is full of reoccurring challenges and you may find yourself dealing with serious financial issues again. You may consider filing for bankruptcy [...]

January 26th, 2017|

2016 – Your Year of Financial Recovery

Did you meet your financial goals for 2015? Or did you track your expenses for a couple of months and then fall back into old habits of spending without accountability? Have you already forgotten about your 2016 financial New Year’s resolutions? Media coverage on the high level of debt Canadians are carrying may make you feel better about your own situation – you are in [...]

February 9th, 2016|