2016 – Your Year of Financial Recovery

Did you meet your financial goals for 2015? Or did you track your expenses for a couple of months and then fall back into old habits of spending without accountability? Have you already forgotten about your 2016 financial New Year’s resolutions? Media coverage on the high level of debt Canadians are carrying may make you feel better about your own situation – you are in [...]

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Spring clean your finances too

Finally, the weather is warmer and we can come out of our winter hibernation. We feel the urge to spring clean our residences and our yards. Spending time outside also allows you to avoid those never-ending phone calls from collection agencies. Now is not the time to avoid your debt – spring clean it – just as you would your house and gardens. Here [...]

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Selecting the right Trustee in bankruptcy

Finding a Trustee in bankruptcy is easy – just Google “bankruptcy” or flip through your phone book. Selecting a Trustee may be more difficult. Why? Taking the step to even explore the idea of bankruptcy is an emotional decision. No one wants to feel as if they failed. No one wants to let someone else know they’ve had trouble managing their finances.Yet, however difficult it [...]

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Bankruptcy and your 407 ETR debt

Until January 2014, any debts owing to 407 ETR could result in a license plate denial – even if you filed for bankruptcy. Generally, the federal law states that debts that existed prior to an assignment in bankruptcy are erased after your discharge from bankruptcy. This “fresh start” principle allows an insolvent person to get back on their feet and move forward without the [...]

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A Special Thank You

Most people go to work every day and perform their daily tasks because that is what they are paid to do. At Taylor Leibow, we take pride in the fact that what differentiates us from our competitors is the professional, non-judgmental, compassionate and caring manner in which we treat every debtor that enters our offices. Receiving a thank you letter, like the one below, [...]

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Start 2014 off right by paying down debt

Did you overspend in 2013? Did you purchase more than you can afford over the holidays? Those bills are likely piled up on your desk – or perhaps even unopened – and you’re wondering how everything is going to get paid. You are not alone. Paying down debt is a top priority for Canadians in 2014 according to a poll from CIBC. The results [...]

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How can my business survive when clients don’t pay?

There are nearly 1.2 million small businesses in Canada – employing 5.1 million people and accounting for 48.3 per cent of Canada’s total workforce. Small businesses contribute slightly more than 30 per cent to Canada’s GDP. That makes small business, big business. Most small businesses rely on accounts receivables to maintain their cash flow. Sometimes customers get into a habit of paying late, which [...]

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Debt Advice for Seniors

There’s a real fear among Canada’s five million seniors and boomers who are approaching their retirement years that they may not have enough money to have a comfortable retirement. Media reports about under-funded pension plans have added to those concerns. According to a national survey conducted for the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA), half of Canadians admit to worrying about money. Another study [...]

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The initial consultation – what to expect

It’s a daunting task – to decide whether to file for bankruptcy. This is exaggerated if you have no idea what to expect and what options are available to you. Furthermore you might be embarrassed by your financial situation. Initiating contact with a Trustee can be a difficult decision, however, it may be the best decision you have made in years. The balance of [...]

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Should I borrow from family or friends to pay my debts?

Overwhelming debt creates enormous stress in a household. Collection agencies may be continually harassing you by repeatedly calling your home and place of work. You may be using one credit card to pay the minimum of another card. Perhaps payday loans are just getting you deeper in debt. Where do you turn? You may be considering asking a family member for a loan. Before [...]

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