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The greatest reward our team receives comes in the form of comments made from people who’s lives have been positively impacted from using our services.

“First, I want to thank you, and your staff, again for your professionalism, advise and help during a difficult time in our life. I am pleased to tell you that you did in fact give us a “fresh start” and we are doing so much better today.” - Cindy G.
“We are deeply indebted to Taylor Leibow Inc. and the members of its staff for having helped us in our time of despair and desolation. I am not sure how much it means to you but as far as I am concerned, people at Taylor Leibow have played a great role in my and my wife’s life by giving us the right financial advise we needed at the time. Your advice and support helped us to deal honorably and in a dignified manner with our creditors and also helped us on our path to recovery.” - Muhammad K.
“To all of you I extend a great thank you. Please know that the things you do for people and the hard times they go through financially are so much easier with your help. You provide assistance, peace of mind, and guidance in a world that closes doors on people who need help. You extend the guidance and assistance people need.” - Mable S.
“From the moment I walked into the room and the greeting I received relaxed me a little. By the time I left the office I was ready to sign on (for bankruptcy). Kathy was very warm, welcoming, friendly, yet professional. She made me realize there is no shame in getting help. I signed on and it was one of the best things that I have ever done. I don’t regret giving up the house and getting help because I now see how happy my children are, and so am I. Kathy, your firm and my family member saved my life and I will forever be grateful to all of you. Words cant express how THANKFUL I am.” - Chris F.
“I want to thank you for helping to make such a terrible and emotional situation go as smoothly as it could have.” - Sue H.
“I just want to say that in every stage of this procedure you & your team have provided excellent service and have always treated me with respect and dignity! I cannot thank you enough!!! I have highly recommended you to family & friends.” - Mike G.
“I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for all your assistance regarding my bankruptcy matter. It has been a very stressful and emotional ride for me the last several years and I truly appreciated your patience and guidance regarding my many questions, inquiries and requests throughout the bankruptcy process. You and your staff were always quick to respond and consistently maintained a very professional disposition.” - Carol S.
“Just wanted to let you know personally what a blessing you and your company have been. Even when we had a few rough patches, Shelly was there to keep on top of us. Thank you again! This whole process really was a lifesaver and the team at Taylor Leibow were absolutely wonderful!” - Jenn K.
“Thank you very much for everything – you have saved my life.” - Matthew N.
“Thank you for following up on me. I am doing pretty good and working since my bankruptcy. I have turned the page on the past and going forward I feel bankruptcy was a very good decision. I will never forget you, you were honest and very professional and I appreciate that very much.” - John H.
“With gratitude I express my sincere thanks and appreciation for the help and concern shown for me; for changing my life for the better and giving me a new start in life.” - Roy K.
“I appreciate the kindness, courtesy and thoroughness that I have been treated by yourself and all of the staff at Taylor Leibow.” - Mary G.
“I can’t think of anything that would improve the professional service that I have received from your Company.” - Gary W.
“We want to thank you again for giving us hope for a future.” - David & Susan K.
“Thank you for all of your help and professionalism in these trying times.” - Steven W.
“I would recommend Taylor Leibow to anyone who needed this kind of help.” - Anne R.
“You were always professional as well as empathetic and I very much appreciated that.” - Kelley R.
“Going through bankruptcy was one of the most difficult events in my life however the professionalism of you and your kind staff allowed me to “get through it”. One of the key messages for me…maybe not others… is the need for “acceptance” and the opportunity to “build anew” and get that fresh start. Thanks for that chance…and while life can present overwhelming obstacles it also provides a chance for growth, renewal and hope.” - Tori H.
“Thank you very much for being there for me when I needed somebody. It was very nice to still be treated with respect and dignity.” - Olivia R.
That mess I got myself into scared the living daylights out of me, but because of the kindness and patience your organization provided me, my pride remained intact.” - Meagan E.