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The Process

The first stage is to meet with one of our Trustees – Kathy Lenart or Julie Savage. They will complete the “Debtor Information Form” which compiles your personal and financial information – name, address, date of birth, monthly income and living expenses, assets that you own and debts that you owe.

The fact you are reading this means you already recognize the signs of financial difficulty and are ready to take the necessary steps to get your life back in order.

The Trustee will then analyze this information and advise you of alternatives that are available and whether they are applicable to your circumstances. The Trustee will ensure you understand the pros and cons of all alternatives to enable you to make an informed decision.

If you decide to file a bankruptcy or consumer proposal, we will set up a second appointment to sign the necessary paperwork in our HamiltonBurlington or St. Catharines offices. This paperwork can be prepared within a couple hours if necessary due to garnishments, lawsuits, threatening phone calls, etc.

The documents are then filed with the Official Receiver (Industry Canada) which stops any legal action by creditors to collect their debt.

A bankruptcy or proposal are the only legal remedies that can stop a garnishment or lawsuit under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act.