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Why Fresh Start Now?

When the bill collectors keep calling and you have no available funds to meet your obligations, you require advice and assistance from professionals who can quickly explain your options and recommend a course of action.

Going bankrupt may be a consideration but is not always the best course of action. Taylor Leibow’s team of insolvency specialists in our HamiltonBurlington or St. Catharines offices have created a unique three stage process for helping individuals choose the best plan based on their specific needs and situation.

Our unique process is called The Three Steps to Financial Stability.

  • Assessment – our professionals will personally perform a detailed analysis of your financial circumstances. We will then discuss the pros and cons of all alternatives and come up with a creative solution that works for you.

  • Protection – stop the calls from creditors – now. We are committed to providing you with the relief you need immediately. On the filing of bankruptcy or consumer proposal documents, creditors are legally stopped from pursuing you for collection. In most cases, we can file the paperwork within a couple hours.

  • Financial Stability – we not only want to help you resolve your current financial burden, we want to ensure you are on the path to a solid financial future. We will review your monthly income and expenses and you will be required to attend two counseling sessions regarding budgeting and money management. We will also explain how to rebuild your credit when the process is completed.

Taking control of your debt, stopping the phone calls, and budgeting for your future will provide you the opportunity to start fresh and concentrate on the important things in life. We welcome the opportunity to hear of your future financial success.